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Expert in Leadership, Student Motivation, Bullying and Suicide Prevention
Offered to Middle and High School Students, College Students, and Associations

Joe delivers a dynamic speech catered to your students’ needs, focused on how to develop a positive self-image to unlock unlimited potential. He teaches how to protect against self-sabotage, negative self-talk, addiction, depression, and suicide. Joe teaches the root cause of these issues and promotes resilience through building self-confidence and self worth in order to get motivated, set goals, and take action. He shares his journey, both failures and victories, to illustrate how to create the kind of life we were all meant to live. Joe is unique among youth speakers because he faced parental abuse and abandonment but achieved financial success and personal well being against all odds.

Skilled Trades vs.College - Breakout Session
Offered to Middle & High School Students and Associations

In this session, Joe teaches the pros and cons of skilled trade versus a traditional four-year college education. For high school students, determining a career path is a major decision. Joe has found success in both a college education and a skilled trade. He studied for six years at night in Electrical Engineering Technology debt-free by working simultaneously as an electrician. He then earned his State License as a Master Electrician in High Voltage and Low Voltage systems as a skilled tradesman and he is also licensed in photovoltaic (solar) energy. Joe is the only youth speaker who has this depth of knowledge and experience in both skilled trades and college education.

Teachers and Administrators
Breakout Session

In this session, Joe presents a new approach to understanding bullying, depression, and suicide. Joe is unique in that he has overcome all three challenges and will share his story. Joe was emotionally abandoned and broken in his youth, yet he still reached a high level of success that many people desire but few attain: money, health, a beautiful marriage, and inner peace.

Parents and Guardians
Evening Breakout Session

This session addresses the unique challenges that arise at home between young adults and their parents or guardians and outlines effective methods of responding to these difficulties in order to develop a healthier, happier home life and support the school educational system.